Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the PBUSE Login:


Step by step instructions for PBUSE Login:

1. Copy and paste this link into your browser or maybe you will just like to click the link provided here: https://pbuse.lee.army.mil/

2. There will be a field where it will ask for your AKO username. In that field, enter your username.

3. Next, there is a field for your password, enter your password in that field.

4. Click the continue button.

5. There will be an alert that will appear on your monitors screen. To bypass this just choose the "continue" option in order to proceed into your account handling options.

NOTE: This site seems to go down for maintenance for quite a bit so it may not be accessible always. However, no need to worry because we will also provide you with all of their contact information we have found later in this article.



Issues with needing to reset your AKO username and/or password? 

If you are having an issue with the username and/or password, contacting the school to resolve these issues will have to be followed by using one of the contact details provided in this article.


Speaking of contact details, here are the contact details that were found as it relates to being able to troubleshoot issues with accessing your PBUSE Login:

POC: PM LIS Customer Support Network
Call Us Toll free (866)547-1349 
DSN: 687-1051; OCONUS: 312-687-1051

(When it is accessible). You can report issues using this portal: 
URL address: https://s4if.lee.army.mil

PBUSE Help Desk E-Mail



Well they say that no service is perfect, however, when it comes to the military, I'm sure you just like many others expect things to operate just a bit better than this. As stated earlier in this article, the PBUSE Login page seems to really go through a lot of on again off again type of business. Therefore, we encourage you to bookmark this page so that you may keep up to date as we will be updating this page with any new items that come available for access. We sincerely hope that all of your questions were answered in this article and that you will be moving forward with maintaining your account very soon.